I wanted to be a pirate or a lumberjack. I thought those “professions” would give me more stories to tell. I’m a teller of stories and tall tales, from a long line of story tellers. After retiring from the Pathology laboratory I found that I actually have time to not only tell stories, but write them down in what I hope is a pleasing and understandable way. I’ve learned though, that the Muse is a flirtatious bitch so I spend nearly as much time staring out at the desert as I do actually writing. Come along with me as I tell my tales and let me know whether you like them. Meanwhile, read my first published work, New Yesterdays, Changed Tomorrows on sale at Amazon.com and soon in paperback. Then, tell me how you like it!

I’m an American expatriate living in Amman, Jordan. I spend my time traveling around the country, collecting ideas for my tales when I’m not writing or blogging.


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