Politicians are a pain in the ass. Doesn’t matter where you encounter them, they are a pain in the ass. I’ve spent this day, since around 4 am dealing with the Prime Minister. He’s one of the characters in Canaan Dogs. He is self-absorbed, recalcitrant and just generally difficult to deal with. Did I mention he’s a pain in the ass?

Developing characters is never easy. I try very, very hard not to model them after known entities. That ain’t easy, is it? So what’s a writer to do? I’ve taken some of the worst characteristics of three historical Prime Minsters, thrown in a bit of mysticism and come up with a what I hope is a believable guy. I’m wrestling with myself now, trying to decide if I should sprinkle on just one tiny redeeming trait.

All politicians are asses

There was a time I thought everyone on earth had at least one redeeming quality. Over the years I’ve decided that just ain’t so, but I’d really like him to have one. Any ideas, Gentle Readers? What good quality should a 24 karat ass possess, even in a tiny measure?